Intellytix is a consulting and implementation partner of OvalEdge. OvalEdge is a hadoop discovery platform specialized in data analysis, discovery and visualization. This product enables business users to analyze data at petabyte scale and to discover new oppurtunities and improve efficiency.

Time Machine

OvalEdge Time Machine, capture all the events from database, and store this information in Hadoop. Now when ever you need any information in time dimension, just simply write your SQL or use OvalEdge discovery tool to create your analysis and press a Trend button and select the Trend frequency. That’s it, it would build your Trend using OvalEdge advance algorithms.

Smart Catalog

Smart Catalog connects the dot, and provides detailed information that how a data set is connected with other data sets. So when you are analyzing any data, it automatically knows that how this data is connected with data in various other applications in the organization.


Next generation analytical solution where recommendations generate new ideas and your analyst takes these ideas to do a better discovery. It is very difficult to assume that one analyst would know all your data and its correlations, she or he can be an expert in their own field, but would need some clues to see the bigger picture. Wouldn’t it be nice to see similar patterns, when you analyze something? Analytical Recommendations connects people with similar analyses.